Your Pregnancy at Week 5

by Your Baby Club

Holy Moly! There is some crazy growing going on in there! Imagine all those women out there that have a hive of activity going on but don’t yet know they are pregnant! As you are reading this though we will assume you are in the know!

Your handsome (or pretty) embryo has progressed from a pinhead last week to a grain of rice this week and is made up of 3 layers; one will be for the nervous system, eyes, ears and connective tissue, one the internal organs such as lungs, bladder and intestines and finally the third layer will become the heart and circulatory system. At the moment all of this under a microscope looks more like a tadpole than a baby but watch this space your tadpole will turn into a prince (or princess) and not a frog!

A busy week too for the heart as it takes its first beats this week following the division of the chambers. How amazing that these beats will now continue for at least the next 80 years!


The forming blood vessels are starting to transport blood aiding the development of the heart and circulatory system.


You may be starting to feel some tenderness in your boobs which may also be a little bigger. Light period cramps can often occur around this time as everything continues to settle in. Some women do experience some light spotting at this stage known as implantation bleeding. However, any bleeding that is persistent or heavy should be checked out.

Diet and Exercise…

Are just as important now as ever before (if not more so). The temptation to eat for two can be strong but remember you only need approximately 300 extra calories per day in the third trimester so be mindful that you could end up putting on additional weight that you will want to shift postnatally.

Keeping up with your normal exercise routine is absolutely fine (assuming you are not bungee jumping). If you haven't already now will be a good time to cut down or stop any bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol and check out our guide to what to eat in pregnancy here.

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