Ellie Thompson

I’m an anxious but sometimes positive 38-year old mama to two children, a hectic two-year-old named Madison, and our new addition, William (he’d better be chilled – the jury’s still out), born in April. We live in Surrey with my Tesco bargain wine-in-a-box loving husband (lasts six weeks once open – the wine that is!) and our beloved black cat Delilah. I am editor of popular UK parenting and lifestyle website My Baba, and author of The Jellie Diaries, a vlog that detailed our journey to family life via IVF. Shout out to all our loyal followers! :) I run fertility, pregnancy and parenting support groups from our Facebook page and continue to write daily diary entries about our lives as a family, shared primarily through Instagram and Facebook. A lifetime over-sharer, I’m here to blog our experiences from the point of view of a relatively normal (!) family… Enjoy!

Articles written by Ellie Thompson

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